Maria Fidelis Comenius Project 2012-2014

“El peregrinaje en la historia de las sociedades europeas desde la edad media hasta nuestros días. Estudio del impacto social y cultural de las rutas Compostelanas y Romanas”

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The Comenius Programme with the support of the British Council has several objectives:

Specific objectives:

  • to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educational staff of the diversity of European cultures and languages and its value
  • to help young people acquire the basic life-skills and competences necessary for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship

Operational objectives:

  • to improve the quality and to increase the volume of mobility involving pupils and educational staff in different Member States
  • to improve the quality and to increase the volume of partnerships between schools in different Member States, so as to involve at least 3 million pupils in joint educational activities during the period of the programme
  • to encourage the learning of modern foreign languages
  • to support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice in lifelong learning
  • to enhance the quality and European dimension of teacher training
  • to support improvements in pedagogical approaches and school management